Craig Heesch
Living In Our Dream

Last night I had that-very special dream
We walked along the bluegreen sea
Now we're here just strolling on that golden shore
No longer just a dream anymore

The breezes blow so softly through the trees and your hair,
The ocean sings our favorite song
We whisper our I love yous in the sunset there,
I know this is our dream come true
We will never forget nor ever regret,
Taking this chance
So, we'll always remember this time spent together,
Wrapped in sweet romance
And now I'm so happy in this paradise
Living all my dreams with you,
I never thought that anything could be so nice
We're living in our dream come true
Yes, we're living out our dream,
Our very special dream, come true

Lyrics Credits: Craig Heesch
Music Credits: Dan Waldis
Producer Credits: Craig Heesch
Publisher Credits: Craig Heesch
Performance Credits: Craig Heesch
Label Credits: CVA Records
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Uptempo romantic. Wishful thinking to return to a romantic interlude in Hawaii/Paradise with my sweetheart.
Song Length: 3:02
Primary Genre: Jazz-Big Band
Secondary Genre: -