Craig Heesch


Craig Heesch
Sterling's Upstairs at Vitello's
By Don Grigware, Hollywood Critic

Few singers make it big on their vocal ability alone; they need charisma or some gimmick to flesh out their act.

Sinatra was a singer; he didn't need to talk, he just sang. Craig Heesch has that mellow kind of voice, like Sinatra and Mel Torme that soothes you: he is the quintessential recording artist and brings a touch of class to a nightclub.

He just sings, and that's more than OK. Tall, handsome, and elegantly dressed, Heesch makes a terrific role model for the male senior citizen.

Heesch sang a great variety of old standards with his smooth as silk instrument, winning over the Saturday night audience at Sterling's Upstairs at Vitello's. He did a lot of Sinatra favorites, like "All or Nothing At All", "All of Me", "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "One for My Baby".

His piano man Dan Waldis, just wonderful, did a great solo of "Green Dolphin Street", and when Heesch returned to the stage, he had changed from a white dinner jacket to a pin-striped suit and business tie, looking more dapper than a winning Politician. The look perfectly fit his suave and cool delivery of "All of Me, Why Not Take All Of Me."

At the onset it took a few numbers for him to warm up to the room, but he came to vibrant life with a full out sparkling rendition of "Pennies From Heaven". Other highlights included "I Fall in Love Too Easily", "They Can't Take That Away", "As Time Goes By", "The Second Time Around", and "Nice and Easy".

As well as warming up an intimate setting like Sterling's, Heesch's velvety smooth tones have a pleasing sound on his CD "From Out of the Wings" and he is about to launch a second. Best of luck and Thank you for keeping these great old pop songs alive! Congrats to Michael Sterling on the commencement of his 3rd successful year!